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Everyone in this industry either has a horror story about a feckless web designer, or has a friend with a horror story. We've been burned ourselves when we were younger and more naive. Thousands spent, months wasted, mediocre end results.


'We could have built this ourselves - and better,' we thought.


So we did.

At Coquette, we are current or former escorts who also happen to be pretty awesome web designers. We've come a long way since we used to code in HTML for Geocities in our bedrooms in our early teens. Like most of the women in the companionship industry, we're self-taught and self-made, and we're proud of our achievements.

As fellow businesswomen, we take you and your small business seriously. We don't condescend. We don't cut corners. We don't charge the earth. 

We're not going to act like in 2020, web design is some mysterious process that involves hand-coding every element (and possibly some variety of witchcraft). In 2020 creating an "okay" website is not difficult. There's templates on Squarespace, WIX, Wordpress. If you want something "okay", you can build it in an hour. 

We know that given the tools available, had you unlimited time and patience, you could probably build something pretty great on your own. But maybe you don't have that kind of time. It's money, after all. And maybe you don't have the patience.

Think of us as the equivalent of the local artisanal coffee shop where you buy your $6 latte. Sure, you could buy the single origin beans and the machine and the milk frother and make that coffee at home yourself, but you choose to buy it instead because a) you're busy, b) you'd rather spend that time doing something you enjoy, and c) you want coffee pros to make your coffee.

Well, we really like building websites for smart and beautiful women. So if you don't enjoy sitting at a computer for longer than it takes to answer your work email, let us do the website work for you while you spend the time doing something you love instead. It's a win-win scenario.

Your website is like the first line in a novel: if it doesn't grab immediately, the reader - your client - begins to lose interest. We want your website to grab and grip and caress your potential clients.

In short: we create beautiful, elegant and fully customized websites for women in the companionship industry, quickly, conscientiously, and with the minimum of fuss.

Interested? See our portfolio, explore what we offer, and get in touch.


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